Who is The Strongest Anime Character? (10 Strongest)

If you watch anime, you must have noticed one thing in it. That anime has super cool and powerful characters with incredible abilities. These characters dominate the anime show. Especially if you love watching action or thriller anime. You might be naming thousands of super-strong characters in your head right now.

Creating the list of strong anime characters was extremely difficult because rating some of these on the basis of their immense power alone is extremely tough.

These characters’ powers differ significantly, so the judgment criteria are different. Some of these characters have insane battle skills, ninjitsu masters, overpowered pirates, and the list continues.

But after a lot of research, I have compiled a list of 10 strongest anime characters who need to be on this list. Let’s crown these characters because they deserve to be on this list of overpowered characters.

1. Usagi Tsukino: Sailor Moon

She is considered one of the most powerful women superheroes in the history of anime. She has beauty and magic that can make anyone fall in love with her.

When watching Sailor Moon, I couldn’t resist her cuteness. But what fascinates me the most is that everyone thinks she is just a cute kawaii girl. But it won’t be wrong to say that her looks are deceiving.

Because of her special magical powers, no one can pull magic tricks on her, such as hypnosis. Among the Sailor Senshi group, she is the most powerful.

Still doubt her power?

Her signature attack can shake the entire solar system. She is the strongest anime hero for every woman out there.

2. Light Yagami: Death Note

Yes, Light Yagami doesn’t have superpowers like usual action heroes. But he has something through which he sets the bar too high. It is:

His Intelligence + Supernatural Notebook

It’s a book of shinigami that can make anyone lose their life in a glimpse. Just write the name in the book, and *BAM* the person won’t take a single breath.

The notebook’s owner, Shinigami Ryuk, dropped the Death Note in the human world. Light was bored that day, sitting in his classroom looking out the window and saw the book. Long story short, Light took possession of this supernatural and super-powerful book.

Now, he has the absolute power to kill anyone as he will.

3. Ichigo Kurosaki: Bleach

He is the protagonist of one of the Big Three Anime of the 2000s. Its popularity is still at its peak. He has all the powers a Shinigami has.

But he is not a soul reaper. He is a human, but he has supernatural powers. He can activate Bankai, known as Tensa Zangetsu. He can also access his inner Shinigami through Hollowfication.

Ichigo went from being a caring little child to a short-tempered teenager, and he can sometimes be slightly impulsive. He has an unshakable strong will, but in some instances, he can be extremely impulsive.

If we talk about fighting, Ichigo wants to win at any cost. He loves winning and can’t stand losing at all.

4. Eren Yeager: Attack On Titan

You might be wondering why Eren Yeager is on the list of strongest anime characters. 

But let me elaborate.

We all can agree that in his human form. Eren might not be the strongest weapon, but wait until he transforms into mass destruction titan form. He can become truly deadly.

He can become a tall fifteen-foot-tall titan who can destroy anything before him. His titan form can give you chills. It has destructive powers that only characters in anime possess.

Only a few anime characters can take him down because of his huge size. You might say that any XYZ character can easily take him down.

But let’s be honest, the list is pretty short.

The best ability he has is of founding Titan. It allows him to have a power through which he can control Titans.

5. Satoru Gojo: Jujutsu Kaisen

Every character in Jujutsu Kaisen is incredibly strong. Let it be Maki, Yuta, Sukunna etc.

But Yowaimo!!

We all know Gojo is the strongest. He has said it himself so many times. He is the first person in the Gojo family who inherited two powerful techniques:

  • Six Eyes
  • Limitless techniques

That’s not even the coolest part.

Gojo can even manipulate and distort reality however he wants. Many people believe that Gojo is not stronger than Yuta and Suguru. But later on, it was revealed that Gojo’s abilities are in no comparison to any of these characters.

If he wants, then he can wipe out all of humanity. But in recent manga chapters, the fate of Gojo has made many people confused about whether he really is the strongest.

Currently, there’s no confirmation, so let’s see what Gege has written for this strongest sorcerer of Jujutsu Kaisen.

6. Naruto Uzumaki: Naruto

I’ve seen many people say that:

No, Naruto is not the strongest at all. Because he lacks raw power, but hear me out. His hard work, techniques, and confidence make him a shining star in the category of strongest anime characters.

And how can we forget about the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox? Due to his powers, Naruto is now ten times more powerful. His Sage mode is another factor that makes him super powerful.

Moreover, he can create a huge amount of Chakra, which can be difficult to handle. But Naruto has aced this technique where he can use his Chakra and combine every element properly.

Let’s not forget how he single-handedly became the hero of Hidden Leaf by winning a World War.

I don’t think there’s any doubt as to why he deserves to be on this list. Within the Naruto universe, he is so strong. Overall, he has a cheerful personality, and that’s another reason why anime fans love Naruto so much.

7. Muzan Kibutsuji: Demon Slayer

I am a huge fan of Demon Slayer because every character has a deep backstory that makes you fall in love with them, even with the villain. But as for the strongest character, the votes are high for Muzan Kibutsuji’s. He is the demon king, which means he is the strongest demon.

If you have watched Demon Slayer, you might know how famous he is for causing chaos everywhere he goes. But there’s something very special that makes him strong. It is his demonic powers.

He is able to control anyone through his demonic blood technique. What does that mean?

He has an unstoppable army of demons at his fingertips, and they won’t ever turn against Muzan.

With his superhuman abilities, he can tear anyone apart, even Hashira. But even if any Hashira somehow catches Muzan, their chances of winning are quite slim. He has eternal youth because he has two amazing powers, Biokinetic and Immorality, which are like his safety net.

8. Griffith: Berserk

If you have to choose Griffith and Guts, most of you might select Guts. But if we discuss strength, then Griffith is too powerful. His willingness to sacrifice anyone to achieve his goals shows how he can do anything to win.

At Tower of Rebirth, Griffith’s actions show us his deeper personality. It’s also symbolic that he is shedding the last piece of his human self, and we can say he is now the embodiment of pure evilness.

It’s not just about being evil. It’s about having the will to do anything to achieve your goals. After the eclipse, everything changed; some view him as a villain, and others see him as a person who was just misunderstood. But either way, he has super strength, which is undeniable.

9. Son Goku: Dragon Ball

Some anime fans believe Zeno is the most powerful character, but that’s not true. Son Goku is much higher on the strength scale in terms of strength and power.

Yes, Zeno can eliminate every human from the world, just like Thanos, which means with a snap of a finger. But because of his small stature, he might fail terribly in physical combat.

But if we shed some spotlight on Goku, then he is better and powerful in many ways. On countless occasions, Super Saiyan has saved the Earth from different evils. But what if he gets defeated?

Even if he is defeated due to his Saiyan blood, he will become even stronger.

More Defeats = More Power Level

His combat ability is absolutely amazing in the anime universe. Moreover, due to his immense strength, you might have seen the phrase:

Can he beat Goku, though?

10. Saitama: One Punch Man

You can tell by the name that this anime is about one punch. Saitama is the character who can defeat any villain by just punching him once.

Yes, just one punch is enough for him to win.

We know many characters that have to go above and beyond to win. That’s not the case with Saitama. His one attack can break the opponent.

But some weebs argue that if other characters are placed in the One Punch Man universe, they’ll also become strong. In almost every anime, the hero is shown weaker at some point, and his weaknesses overpower him. In other words, portray him as a weak person. But Saitama has been number one, and in the One Punch Man universe, he might have this place forever.

Ending Thougts

If I am honest with you, then comparing characters or ranking them based on their strength is always a terrible idea. Because every anime is different, every character has unique techniques, strengths, and weaknesses, so we can’t fit them into one category.

For some people, Gojo might be the strongest, but for others, it might be Gintoki. But what matters the most is understanding their character growth and learning. Because there are always hidden messages and morals from which we can learn.

Having incredible powers and special moves like the characters in the anime series is impossible in this universe. There might be some exceptions where you have seen people with amazing psychic abilities.

Anime characters have most often inspired me to get trained by a martial artist so I can also get incredible strength. Many anime fans do similar things, especially Baki fans. They go to the gym to attain their physique and physical strength.

Still, being at the level of these powerful anime characters in terms of superhuman strength is not humanly achievable. But it’s best to keep going and make positive changes in lifestyle.

So, are you inspired by any of these anime characters?

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