18 Squirtle PFP (Pokémon)

Squirtle is the coolest turtle around, with its iconic blue shell and those adorable round sunglasses. This water-type Pokémon knows how to make a splash.

With him as your partner, you’ll be ready for any aquatic adventure. It can shoot water from its mouth like a water gun, making it a pro at soaking its opponents. Plus, its shell is super sturdy, providing excellent protection when things get rough.

If you’re looking for a Pokémon with style, Squirtle’s got you covered. With its sunglasses on, it’s like the ultimate cool kid on the block. You can even find Squirtle profile pictures (pfps) rocking those shades online, making it the hippest choice for your social media. But it cannot beat Pikachu.

He is a true team player and a loyal friend. It’s always ready to lend a flipper and help out its buddies when they’re in a jam. Whether it’s battling alongside you or just hanging out, Squirtle’s got your back.

I know you are here to download Squirtle PFPs, well let me help you. Following are the 18 PFPs of Squirtle that you can download for free.

Download Squirtle PFPs Here:

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