14 Sousuke Shima PFP (Skip and Loafer)

Sousuke Shima is a classmate of Mitsumi, and he’s pretty cool. He lives in the city, and he’s smart and good-looking. He’s the kind of person who’s nice to everyone, but you can’t always tell what he’s really thinking because he’s a bit mysterious.

After something happened at the entrance ceremony, Sousuke and Mitsumi became close friends. He saw how hardworking she was and it inspired him to try harder too, even though he’s usually not like that.

Sousuke has blond hair that stands out, and he’s almost always smiling. Even when Kanechika bugs him to join the drama club, he keeps that smile on his face.

When Sousuke was younger, he had a good relationship with his mom. But as he grew up, some “adult problems” got in the way. His mom started seeking attention through acting, and it started affecting Sousuke.

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