18 Scarface PFP

Scarface” is a movie about a guy named Tony Montana, who comes to Miami as a refugee from Cuba. He meets a powerful drug dealer named Frank Lopez and becomes friends with him. Tony and his buddy Manny start working for Frank and do some tough jobs for him.

As Tony gets more experienced, he wants to be more powerful and rich. He falls in love with Elvira, who is Frank’s girlfriend, and that causes some trouble.

Tony and Manny make a big deal with a drug cartel and get a lot of cocaine, making them important players in the drug trade. But being powerful has its consequences.

However, Tony’s life starts falling apart. He faces danger from rival gangs and the police. He also becomes addicted to drugs and acts in really violent ways.

In the end, everything goes wrong for Tony. He loses his power, and his enemies attack him in his fancy mansion. The movie ends with a big shootout, and Tony gets killed.

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