18 Riko PFP (Made in Abyss)

Riko is a spirited and adventurous young girl who serves as the main protagonist in the anime series “Made in Abyss.”

Raised in the town of Orth, which surrounds a massive and mysterious chasm known as the Abyss, Riko dreams of becoming a renowned Cave Raider like her mother, Lyza. Cave Raiders are fearless explorers who venture into the treacherous depths of the Abyss in search of valuable relics and discoveries.

She possesses a deep love and respect for the Abyss, seeing it as a place of endless wonders and secrets waiting to be uncovered. Riko’s enthusiasm and unwavering spirit often inspire those around her, as she fearlessly tackles the challenges that come her way.

However, Riko’s determination and resilience never waver, as she pushes forward in pursuit of her dreams and the truth about her mother’s fate.

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