13 Rei Suwa PFP (Buddy Daddies)

At the age of 25, Rei Suwa is already established himself as a skilled and deadly assassin, working side by side with his partner Kazuki Kurusu. With his impeccable shooting abilities, he never misses his mark.

In a clever disguise, he poses as a Middle Eastern oil baron, maintaining a facade that keeps his true profession hidden. Deep down, he hails from a powerful underworld family, embroiled in the dangerous world of crime.

Rei’s dual nature is striking. When he’s on a mission, he becomes an emotionless machine, executing his tasks with ruthless precision. But when he retreats to the comfort of his own home, a different side of him emerges.

You’ll often find him engrossed in video games, escaping into virtual worlds where he can let loose and unwind. It’s a rare glimpse into the softer side of this complex character.

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