20 Nezuko Kamado PFP

Nezuko, the adorable demon sister from Demon Slayer, steals the show with her fierce and fluffy charm. She’s got those big, hypnotic eyes and a mouth covered with that cool bamboo muzzle. Who knew a demon could be so cute?

But don’t let her small size fool you. Nezuko packs a punch with her demon powers. She’s got those fierce demon blood arts. Plus, her loyalty to her brother Tanjiro is as strong as her craving for human flesh (well, she’s trying to control that part).

Nezuko’s unique ability to shrink herself into a tiny box is like a demon magic trick. She’s the ultimate pocket-sized protector, ready to unleash her demon fury whenever her brother needs backup.

She might not say much with her limited vocabulary, but her actions speak louder than words. Nezuko’s determination to protect her family and fight against evil is truly inspiring. She’s a demon with a heart of gold (and maybe a bit of a hunger issue).

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