20 Muichiro Tokito PFP

Muichiro Tokito, the sword-wielding prodigy, is a total boss in the Demon Slayer world. With his striking blue eyes and cool hairstyle, he’s got style for days. But don’t let his laid-back demeanor fool you—when it’s time to fight demons, he’s all business.

Muichiro’s weapon of choice is a wicked-looking sword called the Nichirin Blade. He’s a master at wielding it with lightning-fast speed and precision. When he unsheathes that bad boy, you know things are about to get intense.

One thing that sets Muichiro apart is his unique breathing technique. He’s mastered the Mist breathing style, which allows him to move like a shadow and strike with deadly accuracy. It’s like he’s dancing with his sword, gracefully taking down demons left and right.

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