20 Maki Zenin PFP (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Born into the prestigious Zenin clan, Maki Zenin finds herself in a world where women are often marginalized and their magical abilities suppressed. However, Maki refuses to conform to these limitations, rejecting the traditional role imposed upon her.

Despite being born without the ability to see curses, she compensates with her unmatched physical prowess and an unwavering determination to prove herself.

She tirelessly trains her body, honing her physical strength and agility to perfection. Her weapon of choice, the cursed tool “Assault Rifle,” becomes an extension of her willpower, allowing her to confront curses head-on with unrivaled precision and power.

Maki’s character embodies the spirit of defiance and empowerment. She challenges the status quo, breaks free from societal expectations, and charts her own path.

Her story serves as a reminder that one’s worth is not determined by external factors but by the strength of their character and their unwavering dedication to their beliefs.

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