17 Korosensei PFP (Assassination Classroom)

A bright yellow octopus with a smile that could rival the sun itself. It’s like he took a wrong turn at the aquarium and ended up becoming the most lovable and quirky teacher you could ever imagine. Seriously, who needs regular humans as teachers when you can have an octopus mentor?

What sort of anime is that? Clearly not to your taste RIGHT? Wrong! Because this bright yellow balloon will completely change the way you view this world. Also, make sure to have tissues while watching the last episode of anime.

KoroSensei is more than just a friendly face. He’s a highly skilled assassin with superhuman speed and abilities. It’s like he’s the Usain Bolt of the Assassin world, except instead of winning medals, he’s busy teaching a bunch of misfit students how to become top-notch killers.

There are no demons in this anime like Demon Slayer but the demons in this anime is not Korosensei. But someone else and I am not going to give any spoilers at all.

Download Korosensei PFP Here:

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