19 Gintoki Sakata PFP (Gintama) 

By now you have seen great samurais who work hard with a stoic approach. But Gintoki Sakata is completely different from them. He is the laziest, goofiest, yet surprisingly skilled samurai you’ll ever come across. With his unruly silver locks and perpetual deadpan expression, he’s the epitome of a laid-back hero.

But don’t let that fool you because underneath that carefree facade lies a true warrior. Gintoki is like that one friend who always has a witty comeback ready. His sarcastic remarks and dry humor will have you in stitches. Seriously, the guy has a razor-sharp tongue and a knack for turning even the most serious situations into laugh-out-loud moments.

His loyalty and unwavering spirit make him a true hero, albeit one with a penchant for lazing around and indulging in his love for sweets. Whenever I want to laugh I watch this anime it’s pure gold.

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