18 Ghostface PFP

Ghost Face is the sneaky slasher who loves to play hide-and-seek in your worst nightmares. With a chilling mask and a wicked knife, this spooky character is the master of surprise scares and spine-tingling thrills.

When Ghost Face shows up, you better be on high alert because you never know where they’ll pop out from next. They’re like a mischievous phantoms, always ready to give you a good fright and leave you screaming for more.

With their iconic mask, Ghost Face is the ultimate hide-and-seek champion. They blend into the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to strike fear into their victims. They are more like Skeletons.

But beneath that terrifying facade, Ghost Face is just a regular person with a twisted sense of fun. They enjoy the thrill of scaring others and playing mind games. It’s all a twisted game to them, like a spooky version of tag where you never want to be “it.”

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