Top 13 Cutest Anime Traps

Have you ever watched an anime and seen an Incredibly beautiful character? The beauty is so otherworldly that you even briefly forget what’s happening in the show.

Then there are chances that this amazing character might be a trap.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the cutest anime traps you might not have noticed. Or maybe it took you too long to notice them.

Anime traps are usually a cute addition to anime because they tell us that people are truly innocent. Many people don’t know the real definition of an anime trap, so they label almost any character as an anime trap, which is completely wrong. In this article, I’ll share 13 beautiful anime traps that are too adorable to resist.

So let’s get started.

What Is The Actual Meaning Of Anime Traps?

A trap is a common term that is used in anime to describe a character who is a male but dresses and behaves like a female. Most often, they crossdress and have soft, feminine features, due to which people often mistake them for an anime girl.

Their voice, dress, and behavior are almost like a cute girl. But as you keep watching, you’ll get a shock that, OMG, they aren’t women.

It’s a MAN!!!

But this thing is never seen with high regard or all seriousness. It’s a simple, harmless thing that usually surprises many anime watchers. There are many other concepts, such as reverse traps and characters that cross – dress.

13 Cutest Anime Traps

Now that you know what anime traps are, it’s time to explore some of the best anime traps of all time. Here are 13 cute anime traps that even fooled me.

1.Saika Totsuka: Oregairu

I’ve added Saika to the list because of the definition of trap that I explained earlier. Because biologically, Saika Totsuka is a boy. He tries to be as manly as possible.

However, people often mistook him for a female due to his soft nature and feminine features. Even Hachiman, the main protagonist of Oregairu, thought that Saika was a girl.

And the funny part is that it didn’t happen once. It has happened multiple times in the series, which makes it extremely hard to ignore. Even if you see him, you won’t be able to tell that he is a boy.

2. Ruka Urushibara: Steins; Gate (2011)

Ruka is a cute boy who doesn’t have big muscles. Instead, he has a slender and fragile appearance like girls. But here’s the main difference.

Ruka embraces this side of himself and wears more suitable clothes for women. An interesting thing you should know about Ruka is that he has a crush on the protagonist of Steins, Gate, Okabe Rintaro.

This is shown clearly in an episode where Rintaro must go back to rescue Mayuri. But there was one problem.

If the time travel happened, then Ruka would become male again. So Ruka decides only to agree if Rintaro goes on a date with him.

If you’re thinking, how did the date go?

Then it wasn’t good. But Ruka did confess that he would love Rintaro even if Ruka were a male.

3. Haku: Naruto

I can never forget how shocked Naruto was when he learned that Haku wasn’t a female because my reaction was the same as Naruto’s.

Haku is a character from the Naruto series who didn’t get enough screen time. But even with little screen time, he left a huge mark on anime watchers. He inherited Ice Release Kekkei Genkai from his mother.

When Haku’s father discovered this, he killed his mother. But Haku was able to save himself because of his power.

Haku has a very feminine appearance. Even Naruto, who had a huge crush on Sakura in early episodes, said Haku was prettier than Sakura.

4. Armin Arlert: Attack on Titans

Armin might not be the strongest in physical strength, but his mental capability makes him the strongest asset of the Scout Regiment. If you’ve watched seasons 1 and 2 of AOT, then you might have noticed how feminine Armin was.

Because his face is round, it gives him a girly appearance. The cherry on top is his short and medium build, which makes him look even more adorable. It makes him a part of this cutest anime trap list.

He has long hair and beautiful eyes. In an episode of AOT, he was even sent instead of Historia. What’s even surprising is that the person didn’t even notice that it was Armin and not Historia.

5. Kalluto Zoldyck: Hunter X Hunter

Kalluto has beautiful hair, which is pleated neatly. These locks are enough to make anyone think that Kalluto is a woman. Moreover, his pink eyes give a more feminine vibe to him.

He has a mole on the upper half of his mouth and usually wears a dim kimono. But why do people think Kalluto is a trap?

It’s because of his feminine appearance and the way he carries himself. That’s why people often think that he is a lady. If you watch this anime, you’ll see how often he runs into this problem because of his femininity.

6.Kurapika: Hunter x Hunter

If you have watched Hunter x Hunter, you might have asked yourself this. Is Kurapika a boy? Is he a girl? What is Kurapika?

Basically, he is a boy who is the last descendant of the famous Kurta tribe. He is a blacklist hunter and has skills which make him outshine. His wavy blond hair makes people question whether he is a boy.

He is an extremely intelligent guy who is calm even during the most aggressive battles. His eye color is blue; however, after learning Nen, he starts wearing contact lenses.

But why?

It’s to hide his scarlet-clad eyes. Moreover, there are many instances in animation where Kurapika is mistaken as a female anime character. It’s hilarious.

7. Pico: Boku No Pico

Pico is a character who has blond hair. He dresses as a female and works as a part-time helper at his grandfather’s bar. He started crossdressing when Tamotsu gave him feminine clothes. After getting ignored by her, Pico became really sad.

That’s why he made drastic changes in appearance. He cut his hair short and left the house. Later on, he gets into a relationship with a guy named Chico. It’s a Yaoi animation where Pico is a frail trap.

His facial features fooled the entire anime fandom into thinking he was among the cute anime girls. But it turns out he is another anime trap character.

8. Shiota Nagisa: Assassination Classroom

Nagisa is a high school student who looks cute and feminine. Many viewers initially mistook him for a female character. It’s because his mother always wanted a daughter. That’s why she dressed him like a girl. He has blue hair, a feminine body, and an extremely loving personality. 

Even in animation, his classmate Karma Akabane pulls a prank on him, where Nagisa dresses up like a girl. This show is hilarious, and the instances where people misunderstood Nagisa as an actual girl will make you laugh a lot.

But that’s not all. He is a skilled assassin who can kill anyone.

9. Aoi Futaba: You’re Under Arrest

This anime is from the late 80s and 90s. Aoi Futaba is among the traps; interestingly, not many people know about it.

In this anime’s Tokyo police crew, Aoi is the guy who decides to switch up his appearance, just like Hideri. He uses this to outsmart the evil guys.

Usually, Aoi is a pretty chill character. He’s not into being all tough or aggressive.

10. Felix: Re: Zero

Felix is somewhat similar to Hideri from Blend S. Do you know why?

Because he is sarcastic, loves to tease people, and is playful and extremely smug. Many people are labeling him as trans, bi, etc. But we don’t know anything for sure yet. His true gender is still unclear.

Even Subaru was caught off guard by Felix’s appearance. But don’t get blinded by his looks because Felix is much more powerful. 

11.Hideri Kanzaki: Blend S

Everyone likes cute girl clothes, right?

But Hidari loves cute clothing items. He usually refers to himself as Boku. But I’ve noticed that he doesn’t mind when people call him a male. He dreams of becoming an idol, and he often cross-dresses, meaning he wears female clothes.

But if we discuss his gender identity, little information is available. However, we know that in the introduction, it says that Hidari is a boy. But labeling him on the basis of that alone can be quite superficial. All in all, he is a super cutie and a complete trap.

12. Venti: Genshin Impact

If I had to tell you the gender of Venti, then it’d be nearly impossible. In simple words, he is both a male and a female. Among the anime gaming community, he is not even considered a human to be labeled as gender.

However, on several occasions, the cast calls Venti as him or he.

This tells us that he is a male, but people generally agree on the verdict that he is a genderless anime trap. But his true identity is still unclear. He often wears female clothing, which even makes it difficult to discern his gender.

13. Envy: Fullmetal Alchemist

Envy doesn’t fit into the normal definition of trap. Not at all.

The real deal is that he can easily shapeshift and modify into a woman. That’s why, in the manga, his gender is not clearly described. He has pale skin and a muscular body.

Envy has an incredible sense of humor. He adds that extra spice to the FMA. For me, he is among one of the funniest and most interesting characters ever.

But he can be a little bit psycho, too. So you never know what to expect from him next.


Anime is extremely unique as it connects with every person. It gives a sense of belonging to people and a home to them. Many people consider trap a rude term. But this word is not changing due to its wide popularity in the anime community.

The major purpose for using this word in this blog is because many people know this term, especially manga and anime readers. These popular traps are extremely cute, so keep your eyes open the next time you watch your favorite anime.

Because you never know who might be a simp for a trap in the anime world. We can also say that animation breaks gender stereotypes by showing characters with androgynous and female appearances. This ensures everyone feels included.

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