11 Best 90s Aesthetic Anime

Do you ever think you were born in the wrong generation? I’ve seen many people say this phrase. But I get the same feeling when I watch the anime that aired in the 90s.

Because, after all, old is gold.

The period of the 90s was the most iconic time for the growth of the animation industry in Japan. It shaped the animations and gave creators ideas and freedom to think above and beyond.

If we discuss anime, a lot of anime content fits in the retro category. 

That’s why I started to dig up and find some of the best 90s and old anime, which are masterpieces. If you also want to find 90s classic anime series,, congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, I will share the top 11 90s anime you must watch.

So, let’s dive in.

Top 11 90s Aesthetic Anime

The anime industry has been blooming for years, and even if you were born after the 90s, you might have seen some memorable characters from the 90s. These animes are ranked based on their popularity, ranking, and how much they fit the aesthetic of the 90s. So here’s a list of 11 anime you mustn’t miss.

1. Master Keaton

When you watch Master Keaton, you won’t feel as if you’re watching one anime. Instead, it’ll feel like a compilation of different stories all mashed up together. Keaton’s the guy who is always there in the middle of it all.

The man is incredibly intelligent, and his standout characteristic is his diverse skillet. It makes him a useful person in almost every situation. Keaton’s your go-to guy for any situation, whether it involves:

  • Archeology
  • Insurance
  • Survival type scenario

But for all the romance lovers reading this blog. Don’t worry. There is also romance in this anime. Because Keaton is a dreamer, and he is hilarious.

Overall, it’s a good show, but you’ll learn the biggest lessons even in the most comedic moments.

2. Martian Successor Nadesico

Are you a mecha fan? Do you love binge-watching Mecha shows?

Then you shouldn’t miss Martian Successor Nadesico. It is probably the most light-hearted mecha show you can see in its own way.

While watching the show, you’ll feel like you’re watching a slice-of-life or harem show. While robots are just another part that occasionally appears in the anime. But that’s just how this show is.

Don’t be fooled by funny and light-hearted moments because this animation is extremely detailed with extremely heavy subject matter.

And do you know how many people die in the wars? This animation will tell you that. And guess what? It’s still one of the less heavy shows because the 90s was a gloomy period.

3. Serial Experiments Lain

After watching this show, I had just two words that could perfectly explain this anime. They are:

  • Experimental
  • Way ahead of its time

It was released in 1998, and even then, it told the importance of technology and how it can revolutionize the world. That was such a shocking aspect for me. Moreover, the portrayal of how technology hugely impacts society is extremely spot on.

The exceptional soundtrack symbolism is enough to make you love this anime. At some point, it feels like a shounen because the protagonist’s power keeps growing as the show goes on.

If you like computers and want to glimpse what people in the 90s thought technology would look like today, then Serial Experiments Lain is a must-watch.

4. H2

This animation was aired in 1995. Two boys have the power of a 40-year-old rookie as they aim to create a winning baseball squad from scratch.

Compared to them, the rest of the team is worse. So, who can make the team win?

Obviously, our main protagonists. Things get boring when our main guys aren’t in the spotlight.

But when they are playing, hold your breath because there will be strikes and winning streaks. The show also has different elements of romance in it.

But as a person who loves reading manga as well as anime. I prefer the manga version. So, if you love baseball, read the manga version and anime of H2.

5. Berserk (1997)

While reading this part, remember I’m talking about the Berserk version that came out in 1997. It’s literally considered the king of manga, along with Vinland Saga and Vagabond.

It somehow managed to get a classic anime adaptation, which received a lot of love from fans. It has 25 episodes, but they beautifully capture the emotions of Guts.

The action scenes are so intense, and I’m a huge fan of them. But it’s a given that the entire story of Berserk can never be squished into just 25 episodes, right?

But all in all, it’s a good anime with 90s style. It takes you on an immersive journey in the Berserk world.

6. Hunter x Hunter (1999)

There are many new seasons of the show. But it’s all a matter of preference. If you watch the 90s version, you’ll see how gloomy the Hunter x Hunter world is.

However, in newer adaptations of 2011, the world is much more colorful and appears overly optimistic.

The 1999 version is far better than the recent ones because it shows raw emotions and suits many characters much better, especially Kurapika.

The show also tells about the power of friendship and how they fight against the evil forces.

7. Dragon Ball Z

I know you might be wondering why Dragon Ball Z is in this list because it aired in 1989. You’re not wrong. But the 90s were full of people screaming Kamehameha. That’s the reason why I added this anime to the list.

I have one word for this show, which is:


Just see for yourself: around 30 years have passed, yet the anime is getting adaptations. The cherry on the top is that the audience loves it more than ever.

Among all the versions, I like Dragon Ball Z the most. It had way more excitement than regular Dragon Ball, and it didn’t make me feel like I was stuck in a philosophy class with endless fights against god-like beings. If you watch enough anime, you’ll get my point.

8. Shin Chan

Growing up, you might have thought Shin Chan is a cartoon for kids. But the truth is that this animation has a weird demographic. Despite all that, this anime is loved by many and is nostalgic for many people.

If you watch it as a kid, you’ll see that it’s just a show about a naughty kid who always makes jokes. He is as bright as the sun.

But the truth is that this show has many sexual jokes. I realized this while watching Shin Chan yesterday and had to think.

How did this show manage to get away with a PG rating?

Overall, it’s a good show that has somehow become part of many people’s childhoods. It started in 1992, and even now, people watch it with the same excitement.

I’m also among one of those people.

9. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Wasn’t this a mech show? Looks interesting. Let me watch it.

What the heck is even happening, and why is Shinji crying? That’s how I felt after watching a few episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

After watching the show, I thought, “Wow, those action scenes were cool, but why is everyone so messed up? Are the writers okay?”

Because almost every character has a trauma that will make you feel sorry for them, it has a heavy theme, but these are quite common in mecha-type shows. One show known as Gurren Lagann comes to my mind. But if I compare it with Neon Genesis Evangelion, it’s not even 1% near this animation.

10. Pokémon

Almost every person has heard about Pokémon. And if you say that you haven’t, then you’re not telling the truth, and we know that.

The franchise has tons of adaptations, games, merchandise, toys, etc. Some of the newer Pokémon look like stuff with googly eyes on their head. That’s enough reason to add this masterpiece to this blog so more people can watch the classic version.

So, let’s go back to the first Pokémon show. It’s the one that practically started a craze, and even today, people sing along when they hear “I want to be the best.”

11. GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka

Have you watched Assassination Classroom Koro Sensei? The pervy teacher who is ready to sacrifice himself for his student?

Well, Onizuka is like him except for the tentacles. He is an ex-biker who is now a school teacher. I know that’s such a strange twist of events.

But his initial intention is not to teach kids but to watch high school girls. However, don’t be confused with the first two or three episodes. This anime is hilarious and teaches you so many incredible things.

By the end of this anime, you’ll be saying to yourself.

I wish I also had a teacher like Onizuka who could change my life. Because he is that amazing. The anime also discusses bullying, suicide, family issues, etc.


The list of best 90s anime is extremely long. Anime is not only a source of entertainment, but it also teaches us many valuable things. That’s the main reason why many people still watch it.

The vibrant art styles, unforgettable character designs, and innovative storytelling of these anime continue to hypnotize audiences, regardless of the time.

So, if you’re a part of the anime community who wants to watch the finest 90s aesthetic influential animes, these classics serve as an ideal starting point to rediscover the gems.

From Sailor Moon, the guardian of galaxy, to Slam Dunk, the top sports genre animation. These anime are top classics.

1990s anime has a very distinct animation style, which makes you nostalgic. The philosophical themes and retro aesthetic make them timeless classics that even the current generation can watch.

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