17 Kiyotaka Ayanokōji PFP (Classroom Of The Elite)

You might mistake him for your average high school student at first glance. With his plain black hair and poker face that could give a statue a run for its money, he’s like the ultimate undercover agent in the world of high school drama. I mean, seriously, this guy could probably blend in with the walls if he wanted to.

I love watching underrated anime and this one is a masterpiece. Trust me Monster and Classroom of the Elite deserve an equal amount of love as Death Note. Coming back to Ayanokoji!

Don’t let that unassuming exterior fool you, because Ayanokoji is hiding a whole arsenal of tricks up his sleeve. He’s like the ultimate chess player, always ten steps ahead of everyone else.

You think you’ve got him figured out? Well, think again, because he’s already mapped out the entire game and knows exactly how to manipulate the pieces to his advantage.

Download  Kiyotaka Ayanokōji PFP Here:

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